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The journey into online marketing ends in failure for many. I guess when I started mine I hoped to follow the road less traveled and become an instant success. Yet I soon found myself in a lonely and confusing maze, unprepared and ill-equipped for the challenge ahead.

The roads through internet marketing have many twists and turns.There are many temptations along the way and I must admit I have fallen into the trap of wasting money on shiny objects from time to time.

Online success for me remained elusive for years. I tried to sell a cheapie product, but somewhere deep inside I knew I would have to sell many, many of them even to earn pocket money. Then I tried to sell something really expensive and nobody wanted to buy.

Then I discovered the one great truth about Internet marketing. It is a business, a career, not a game. It deserves the same level of knowledge, preparation and care as any other career. The map to success is the same – gain knowledge and work hard.

A business requires – no, demands – investment. So I decided to get a mentor who had the bank balance that reflected his success.

Now I have embarked on a new chapter in the fascinating world of online marketing. The success that it will bring me will depend on the commitment that I give it. The signs are promising. Stay tuned.

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